book collaborative software design by Kenny Baas-Schwegler

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Collaborative Software Design

How to facilitate domain modeling decisions

Good practices, collaboration tools, and effective techniques for incorporating your key stakeholders into the software design process. 

In Collaborative Software Design:
How to facilitate domain modeling decisions,
 you’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare and facilitate collaborative modeling sessions with tools such as Business Model Canvas, Event Storming, Example Mapping, and Wardley Mapping
  • Pick and apply heuristics for modeling software design
  • Structure, visualize, and make sustainable software design decisions
  • Best practices for getting all needed insight from the group
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Create awareness around biases and ranking during a modeling session
  • Best practices for following up after a modeling session
  • Document the session and report to stakeholders

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Don’t spend months building the wrong software! Collaborative Software Design: How to facilitate domain modeling decisions is a unique and practical guide for effectively involving all stakeholders in the design of software. It combines tried-and-tested collaborative modeling tools such as Event Storming and domain storytelling with vital skills to overcome rank, mitigate cognitive bias, and resolve conflicts. Best of all, collaborative modeling makes it easy for software teams to design software directly with their stakeholders—no need to rely on a centralized or top-down design.

About the authors

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

is a strategic software delivery consultant and agile software architect focusing on socio-technical systems thinking.

Evelyn van Kelle

is a strategic software delivery consultant, with experience in coaching, advising, facilitating, and guiding organizations and teams in designing and maintaining socio-technical systems.

Gien Verschatse

is an experienced consultant and software engineer that specializes in domain modeling and software architecture.