Whether you’re seeking long-term engagements or shorter, transformative engagements, I offer a diverse range of consultancy services tailored to your needs. From enabling software architecture capabilities and revamping legacy systems to assessing current software landscapes and restructuring your IT organisation, I’m here to catalyse your organisation!

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WeaveIT Consultancy

Type of work

  • Interim Roles: Tech Lead, Principal Engineer, Staff engineer, Engineering Manager, IT Architect (Domain, Solution, Software).
  • Facilitation of Collaborative Software Design Sessions: Engaging with software engineers and stakeholders in collaborative modelling sessions like Wardley Mapping, Eventstorming, Example Mapping, Domain Storytelling, Team Topologies, and more.
  • Software Architecture Enablement: Empowering your software teams in architectural practices.
  • Architecture Kick-Start: Initiating the architecture for new products or projects.
  • Domain Analysis: Identifying domains, subdomains, and value streams.
  • Legacy System Refactoring: Untangling and improving legacy software systems.
  • Software Landscape Assessment: Evaluating your current software infrastructure.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Providing guidance and support to IT leaders and engineers.

I am proficiant in Java, C#, React, Vue and able to worked with teams in other programming languages like Ruby on Rails and NodeJS.

Long term engagements

Are you grappling with a legacy software system that’s challenging to modify, yet you must continually introduce new features? Or are you looking to develop a new product but uncertain how to integrate it into your existing environment? Is your software architecture convoluted and hard to adapt to business and customer demands?

In a long-term engagement, I will engage with your organisation for several days a week over several months to a year. This will allow me to conduct several design sessions, delving deep into the context of your business and software landscape. Leveraging this understanding, I will coach your teams and provide hands-on technical guidance, ensuring that your software becomes more flexible and continues to evolve with new features. By the end of our collaboration, your teams will be enabled with the skills and knowledge to handle software architecture independently!

Workshops and micro-consultancy

Looking to enhance your IT strategy and future-proof your software architecture? Interested in a modern approach to software development? Need to restructure your organisation’s software and teams for more efficient workflows? Or perhaps you’re uncertain about the feasibility of collaborative software design in your organisation?

I offer tailored software design workshops, either as one-off sessions or spread over a period, to address specific challenges in your organisation’s software architecture. These sessions are designed to empower your organisation, setting you on a path to independently progress. Additionally, should you require further assistance, I provide micro-consultancy engagements where you can purchase hours for follow-up sessions.