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I am a regular speaker at international conferences. You can book me to do talks or do short hands-on workshops for your organization or conference.

Check-out my recent talks and hands-on on this page to see what I talk about.

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I am an expert in a range of cutting-edge topics and have had the privilege of delivering interactive presentations at international conferences, both in-person and online.

My areas of expertise include Collaborative Software Design, Domain-Driven Design, Deep Democracy, Sociotechnical System Design, Software Design, Technical Leadership, and Software Architecture.

My presentations are not just about imparting knowledge; they’re about fostering collaboration, sparking innovation, and challenging participants to think differently.

Hands-on workshop

I deliver both standard and bespoke hands-on workshops at public and internal company conferences. My workshops are immersive, hands-on experiences that delve deep into subjects like Collaborative Software Design, Domain-Driven Design, Deep Democracy, Sociotechnical System Design, and more.

Participants have the opportunity to engage in real-world scenarios, collaborate on solutions, and apply learned techniques firsthand.

Whether you’re looking for a structured approach to a specific topic or a customized workshop to address unique challenges, my sessions are designed to equip attendees with practical skills and insights they can immediately apply in their professional journeys.

Recent talks & hands-on

Collaborative software design for team cognitive load

When navigating the complexities of software design and development, new ideas and future requests frequently cross software and team boundaries. The most effective approach to these design challenges is through collaborative modelling sessions, where teams are...

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Reshaping Cultural Perspectives in Software Design

Software stakeholders and users approach technology through the lens of their cultural norms and worldviews. As software designers, we often introduce new concepts and terminology to better address those needs. This can mean adapting or even reshaping their cultural...

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Domain Driven Design & Data Mesh

Data mesh is a decentralized sociotechnical approach for data management. Focusing on the technology, we tend to neglect the socio aspect of moving to new decentralized approaches. If we want to invest in data mesh architecture work, we must also invest in the people...

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Collaborative modelling domain boundaries

As a business, we want to make sure our software can handle changes when the business changes. We want to define boundaries that support the flow of the business value. Within Domain-Driven Design we have the perspective of strategic design. A perspective where we can...

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Facilitating collaborative design decisions

If we want to make sustainable design decisions for our architecture that are embraced by everyone, the most effective way is to do this collaboratively. Everyone can feel a part of the decision and can potentially give the input they have. The group is aligned and...

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Autonomy, is that what we really want?

There has been a focus on autonomy in information technology; From autonomy in code, to autonomy while coding, autonomous systems with microservices to autonomous high-performing teams. When you read Daniel Pink’s research in the book Drive, it makes sense; autonomy...

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Does culture impact software design?

DDD is about understanding and communicating complexity. We have long recognized that the most effective way to communicate complexity is via human language. But language poses a challenge when working in a team comprised of members of different (sub)cultures and...

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Visual and Collaborative modelling

The way agile software teams gain knowledge about what to build is either by the product owner or business analyst serving as a proxy to domain knowledge. Domain knowledge usually ends up as second-hand news in either functional design documents or as user stories in...

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Tackling socio-technical complexity in the heart of your team

As a software engineering team, we want to solve complex business problems in the most efficient way possible. We invest a lot in technology to improve our team flow and try to make our technology process sustainable. We’ve got quite compulsive about automation and...

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Towards Autonomously Aligned Teams with Domain-Driven Design

I’ve been involved in several transformations over the years, from DevOps to Digital to Agile. These transformations typically focus on transitioning people into near-autonomous teams of no more than eight people who will work in an agile manner. Every company I’ve...

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A quest at mapping Domain-Driven Design Heuristics

“We all use heuristics (even if we haven’t articulated them to others) to discover, understand, explore, create, modify, or extend complex software systems. Billy Vaughn Koen, in Discussion of the Method: Conducting the Engineer’s Approach to Problem Solving, defines...

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From EventStorming to CoDDDing

To really understand what our users need so that we can build the right thing, we want to have a first-hand experience of ‘real-life stories’ before we model and create our software. To quote Alberto Brandolini “it is not the domain expert’s knowledge that goes into...

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