October 18, 2022

Deep Dive into Model-Driven Design: Refining Domain Models in Code


Most software products begin with an initial software model, one that is typically naive and superficial, grounded in basic understanding. This initial phase is natural, as it aligns with the early stages of discovering and exploring a new product with stakeholders. Initially, the process involves identifying nouns and verbs to create the first objects and methods in our code.

While this early model enables quick feedback for the product, it often becomes less effective over time. As more feedback is gathered, the model usually fails to accurately reflect the main concerns of domain experts, becoming less relevant for the product’s development. The absence of a model that mirrors the domain’s core aspects can prevent adjustments to the code based on changing stakeholder needs, potentially blocking product innovations. Additionally, the gap between the code and the domain model leads to missed opportunities for insights, as the code no longer represents our domain knowledge accurately.

Join us in this live coding talk session focused on the significance of continuously refining your core domain models in code. We will introduce you to the context by guiding you through several collaborative modelling techniques such as Eventstorming, Domain Storytelling, Context Mapping, CRC-cards and more. We then dive into coding challenges using C# where you’ll witness firsthand the transformative power of supple design and a deeper model. By the end, you’ll understand how continuously refactoring the model can be pivotal in driving product development breakthroughs. You’ll depart with enriched practical insights and a Deep Dive of Part III of Evans’s groundbreaking work on Domain-Driven Design (DDD) that goes beyond basic concepts like aggregates, entities, and value objects.


  • TeqNation 2024 / 22 May 2024 / Slides
  • Ncrafts (Hands-on) / 16-17 May 2024 / Slides
  • KanDDDinsky ’23 / 4-5 October 2023 / SlidesVideo

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

As a socio-technical systems thinker, agile architect, and Domain-Driven Design expert, I work with CTOs, managers, architects, and teams to change how we design software. Through facilitating and doing collaborative modeling, I catalyze organizations, teams, and groups of people to an agile architecture approach to building sustainable quality software products.

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