April 23, 2024

Navigating the Future of Software Development: Embracing Collaborative modelling


Software is increasingly crucial in our lives, but developing effective software systems is still a major challenge. This issue often comes from teams focusing on solutions rather than deeply understanding the business problems they are trying to solve. A crucial shift towards Collaborative Software Design is needed; it brings together technical expertise with a solid grasp of both user and business needs.

As an important part of Domain-Driven Design (DDD), this approach jointly optimises user journeys with business processes. It enhances team communication, facilitates in making well-informed decisions, and minimises errors, thus maximising the software’s value and impact. Most importantly, it establishes a shared understanding among all stakeholders. Adopting this strategy is vital for the creation of high-quality, resilient, and user-centric software.

The challenge is in requiring all stakeholders to actively collaborate in the same physical environment, managing complex social dynamics. The key to success in Collaborative Software Design is managing these interactions within a sociotechnical framework.

Join Evelyn and Kenny as they show how Collaborative Software Design enables teams to develop a shared understanding with stakeholders. This understanding becomes a living record of the current business needs and the software landscape, guiding the design for future developments.


  • Living Documentation Event ’24 / 18 April 2024 / Slides

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

As a socio-technical systems thinker, agile architect, and Domain-Driven Design expert, I work with CTOs, managers, architects, and teams to change how we design software. Through facilitating and doing collaborative modeling, I catalyze organizations, teams, and groups of people to an agile architecture approach to building sustainable quality software products.

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