November 28, 2023

Reshaping Cultural Perspectives in Software Design


Software stakeholders and users approach technology through the lens of their cultural norms and worldviews. As software designers, we often introduce new concepts and terminology to better address those needs. This can mean adapting or even reshaping their cultural perspectives. But culture, by nature, seeks consistency and conformity, providing a framework to our daily chaos. This consistency can make language and models rigid, often leading to ambiguity. So, how can we navigate and reshape these ingrained cultural perspectives and behaviours during software design?

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the interplay between organisational culture and software design. We’ll start by examining the crucial role of culture in communication, emphasising that mutual understanding is rooted in cultural context. Focusing on software design, we’ll showcase instances where terminology, be it for domain or software, carries cultural weight. We’ll wrap up by suggesting strategies, techniques and heuristics to bridge cultural gaps, ensuring a more cohesive approach to software design.


  • Software architecture Gathering 2023 / 28 November 2023 / slides miro

Kenny Baas-Schwegler

As a socio-technical systems thinker, agile architect, and Domain-Driven Design expert, I work with CTOs, managers, architects, and teams to change how we design software. Through facilitating and doing collaborative modeling, I catalyze organizations, teams, and groups of people to an agile architecture approach to building sustainable quality software products.

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