If you’re seeking to enhance your expertise in Collaborative Software Design, Domain-Driven Design, Software Architecture, Team Topologies, or Technical Leadership, or aiming to elevate the skills of your technical leaders, architects, or software teams, I’m here to help. I offer tailored trainings, ranging from half-day workshops to comprehensive multi-month learning journeys. These can be conducted both in-person and online, and are fully customizable to best suit your unique requirements.

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How I teach

My training sessions are rooted in the “Training from the Back of the Room” and “Deep Democracy” methodology, emphasising an immersive, hands-on experience. Approximately 80% of the content is practical and hands-on, ensuring participants are actively engaged.

You can pick two approaches for the trainings:

Standardised Use Case

I provide a general scenario that covers the entirety of the training content. While this ensures a comprehensive understanding, participants will need to adapt and apply the knowledge to their specific context post-training

Provide your own Use Case

We can delve into a specific scenario or challenge from your domain. This approach ensures immediate applicability, but might not encompass the full breadth of the training content. However, participants can seamlessly integrate and apply what they’ve learned right away.

My workshops

I provide the following training, either by myself or with a co-facilitator.

Domain-Driven Design for software teams

2 day workshop

Start your explorative journey into Domain-Driven Design, discovering the benefits of collaborative domain modelling alongside stakeholders and software teams.

Domain-Driven Design for software architecture

2 day workshop

Delve deep into the foundational knowledge of Domain-Driven Design, progressing to advanced topics like sociotechnical and anti-fragile systems

Collaborative Software Design: How to facilitate domain modelling decisions

2 day workshop

Immersve yourselve in collaborative modelling facilitation techniques that enhance cooperation between developers and stakeholders.

Team-Driven Software Architecture

2 day workshop

Explore and integrate the principles, decision-making, and quality characteristics of software architecture into the team’s delivery lifecycle, breaking down complex concepts into clear, actionable segments.

Techlead Fundamentals Training

2 day workshop

Immersive 2-day “Fundamentals of a Techlead” training, where you’ll collaborate with and learn from peers about what it takes to be a successful tech lead.

Navigating Conflicts in Software Architecture Decision Making

1 day workshop

This concise one-day workshop is an expert deep dive focused on understanding conflict resolution during collaborative modelling and architectural decision-making and navigating them effectively.

Deep Dive into Model-Driven Design: Refining Domain Models in Code

2 day workshop

The workshop reveals practical strategies for ‘designing by coding’ in java and C#, ensuring that code remains in alignment with the maturing domain model.

Disentangling Legacy Software with Domain-Driven Design

1 day workshop

Learn how to disentangle a legacy software systems and keep on releasing new features.

Description coming soon

Applying Tactical Domain-Driven Design patterns

1 day workshop

Unlock the potential of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in your code in this practical workshop designed for developers eager to master DDD’s tactical patterns within Java or C#.

Integrating and testing Event-driven Domain-Driven Design software architectures

1 day workshop

Learn how to integrate and Test Event-Driven systems with Consumer Driven Contract testing.

Description coming soon

Applying collaborative modelling tools

1-2 day workshop

Learn how to apply collaborative modelling tools like Eventstorming, Example Mapping, Domain storytelling or Wardley Mapping.

Description Coming soon

Collaborative modelling for product owners

2 day workshop

Unlock the secrets to bridging the gap between teams and stakeholders. Master direct communication, understand architectural trade-offs, and leverage collaborative modeling tools to enhance product development.

Learning journeys

Embark on transformative learning journeys tailored to elevate your organization’s capabilities and vision. Harness the power of my diverse set of workshops, seamlessly integrated to offer a comprehensive upskilling experience. Invest in the future of your teams by navigating through our curated pathways.


Enabling software architecture for tech leaders

Embark on a 7 to 9-day “Enabling Software Architecture for Tech Leaders” program to learn how to build and lead team-centric software design and architecture. This course equips tech leaders with advanced Domain-Driven Design principles and collaborative strategies to enable and enhance team productivity and decision-making in architecture.


Software design and architecture for software developers

Master software design and architecture in a comprehensive 7 to 9-day course for developers. Learn Domain-Driven Design, team-centric architecture strategies, and hands-on tactics to evolve and refine both new and legacy systems, with advanced DDD explorations to conclude the journey.


Production-Ready Domain-Driven Design

Discover the core of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in a 2 to 5-day learning journey that emphasizes the collaborative creation of models to address complex business needs. Learn to craft a ubiquitous language through cross-discipline conversations, and follow Eric Evans’s Model Exploration Whirlpool from problem space to Java and C# code in production. Dive deeper with optional days to refine and apply your new skills practically.