Techlead Fundamentals Training

Curious about your role and responsibilities as a Techlead? Eager to find out how to engage your team in the software design process? Looking to empower your team to boost their productivity in designing, developing, and managing software? Wondering how to shift from making unilateral decisions to leading effectively?

Join this immersive 2-day “Fundamentals of a Techlead” training, where you’ll collaborate with and learn from peers about what it takes to be a successful tech lead. This workshop is crafted to give you a comprehensive overview of your role, highlight the importance of active listening, and share strategies for involving your team in collaborative modeling to improve workflows and better understand stakeholder issues. You’ll gain the knowledge, practices, and tools needed to enable teams to design, build, and run sustainable software, setting you on the path to technical leadership.

This workshop is designed for anyone who is willing to become a tech lead:

  • Software Developers & Engineers
  • Tech Leads
  • Software or Solution Architects


Kenny Baas-Schwegler

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Every company sets unique expectations for their tech leads and defines roles that interact with them differently. This is why this 2-day workshop is designed to help you understand the importance of the context you work within, teaching you to clearly define the boundaries of your responsibilities. It’s vital to make these responsibilities explicit, ensuring everyone knows what to expect from you and what you expect from them. This process involves actively listening to your team’s needs. Recognizing the significance of context, we’ll use the challenges you encounter as practical examples to improve your active listening skills, from engaging in Socratic questioning to navigating crucial conversations, so you can apply what you learn immediately.


A key aim for any tech lead is to foster a team’s growth, enabling them to reach their full potential. By applying active listening and engaging in collaborative modeling, we explore how your team designs, builds, and runs software, using Eventstorming to identify the team’s flow. We’ll pinpoint the primary bottlenecks and examine them in detail with the Six Thinking Hats technique, giving you the tools to facilitate inclusive decision-making and enhance the team’s software development efficiency.

Our workshop doesn’t just focus on speeding up the software development process; it also emphasizes the importance of involving everyone in the software design process. We’ll cover the essentials of Domain-Driven Design and the need for a common language within the team to ensure a shared understanding of stakeholders’ issues. This collective insight is crucial for guiding the software design in a way that aligns with business goals, enabling you to become the strategic partner product owners rely on for setting direction.


Module 1 – Responsibilities of a tech lead

  • What is the operating model you work in?
  • Dealing with the down-sides of an operating model
  • Modeling the responsibilities of a tech lead

Module 2 – Active listening

  • Active listening on content, process, relation and emotions
  • Asking questions on content with socratic questioning
  • Reflective listening to practice empathy
  • Having crucial conversations in high-stakes situations

Module 3 – Accelerating the team’s software delivery flow

  • What is the purpose of software team
  • The 4 key metrics of a software team’s flow
  • Eventstorming a team’s flow
  • Understanding the DevOps capabilities
  • Facilitating decision making with the 6 thinking hats

Module 4 – Essentials of Domain-Driven Design

  • Understanding your organization’s value proposition
  • The importance of having a shared understanding of the stakeholders
  • Essentials of Domain-Driven Design
  • Using Eventstorming to involve teams and stakeholders in software design

What you will learn

  • Master active listening and collaborative modeling techniques to effectively engage your team in the software design and development process, enhancing productivity and creativity.
  • Understand and clearly define your role and responsibilities within your unique organizational context, setting clear expectations for yourself and your team.
  • Apply Eventstorming and the Six Thinking Hats method to identify and address bottlenecks, streamlining your team’s software delivery flow for improved efficiency.
  • Develop the essentials of Domain-Driven Design to foster a shared understanding within your team, aligning software solutions with business objectives.
  • Enhance decision-making processes by facilitating inclusive discussions, empowering your team to contribute to strategic direction and software design.
  • Equip yourself with practical tools and strategies for immediate application, improving your leadership capabilities and positioning yourself as a strategic partner to stakeholders.

the workshop

It doesn’t matter if you just are just starting out on your journey to become a tech lead, or have been in that role for some years. As long as you have at least 5 years of experience as a software engineer in a team you can attend this workshop.


Our workshop is highly interactive, designed to engage you in hands-on learning experiences. When conducted online, we utilise Miro, a versatile digital whiteboard tool, for our collaborative exercises. If you’re unfamiliar with Miro, we encourage you to take advantage of the self-paced participant onboarding course available at Miro Academy: Miro Participant Onboarding Course. This short course will equip you with the navigational knowledge needed to fully participate in our interactive sessions.