Enabling software architecture for tech leaders

“Enabling Software Architecture for Tech Leaders” is a learning journey strategically designed to empower tech leaders with the ability to catalyse and enable software architecture and design towards the teams over a span of 7 to 9 days. Beginning with a 2-day workshop on Domain-Driven Design, the course underscores the importance of driven your software systems by understanding the problems of the stakeholders. You will learn how collaborative modelling can enable the teams to design adaptable and resilient software architecture able to withstand the ever evolving business.

The continuum of the program encompasses a 3-day deep dive into Collaborative Software Design, where leaders gain the skills to facilitate architectural decisions with stakeholders and software teams, enhancing team involvement and product sustainability. A subsequent 2-day focus on Team-Driven Software Architecture provides a practical way for integrating essential architectural practices into the team’s workflow. For those opting to further their expertise, additional workshops on navigating architectural decision conflicts and open-space forums are offered to refine collaborative decision-making and encourage the exchange of innovative ideas, cementing the role of leadership in catalysing and enabling team-oriented, well-designed software systems.

2 days

Domain-Driven Design for Software architecture

In this 2-day workshop, you’ll learn how you and your peers can design anti-fragile systems. It’s more than just technical expertise; it’s about nurturing a creative space where those building the software actively shape team organisation and architectural decisions. The approach is holistic, merging human dynamics with technical precision, empowering teams to design and architect their own systems.


3 days

Collaborative Software Design: How to facilitate domain modelling decisions

In our intensive 3-day workshop, we aim to equip you with the expertise to tackle intricate design and architectural choices through collaborative modelling.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a toolkit of strategies, techniques, and tools to ensure everyone feels involved in the decision-making process, leading to the design and creation of sustainable, quality software products.


2 days

Team-Driven Software Architecture

During this immersive workshop, we’ll delve into the core of software architecture, examining its structure, essential decision-making processes, design principles, and the defining characteristics that can guarantee quality. We will deconstruct these concepts into comprehensible sections and demonstrate how they can be integrated into a team’s software delivery lifecycle.


1 day

(Optional) Navigating Conflicts in Software Architecture Decision Making: A Collaborative and Democratic Approach

Drawing from our co-authored book “Collaborative Software Design”, this concise one-day workshop is an expert deep dive focused on understanding conflict resolution during collaborative modelling and architectural decision-making and navigating them effectively. Within this interactive session, you will experience a democratic approach to resolving conflicts that often arise from the complex interplay of incomplete information, personal preference, and emotional charge. 

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1 day

(Optional) Open-space day

This optional last day of open-space serves as the pinnacle of our educational journey together. On this day, you — the participants — have the opportunity to shape the agenda with the issues and ideas that resonate most with you. Bring your own topics or own uses cases to the forefront, whether you’re keen to re-examine previously discussed material through new case studies or eager to delve deeper into specific areas of interest. This open day is not just about exploration but also about receiving direct feedback from the trainers and fellow partipants.